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A few time like how long?

Using a 450fps rifle is a big responsability. If you are not used to estimating ranges and playing safe, your rifle will be a dangerous toy and will mostly be useless.

I always say to new players to play at least a full year with an AEG. That is at least 10 games outside. Just to learn the dynamics of airsoft.

Building a sniper rifle is not for everyone. It's costly and with todays crappy copy of a copy of a clone, you don't get high performances. So you better get a good base rifle to upgrade.

If I sound like I want to discourage you, I am. I've seen countless players trying as sniper and ending selling their rifle or simply leaving it in the car or at home. You won't see many snipers at game and there is a very good reason for that.

A sniper only look cool when he is in the parking lot readying his gear... On the field, you will not see them.

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