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Though the people's profiles here, I've noticed a fair number of guys on ASC are in the Scarborough and Markham region. Defcon Indoors is around that neck of the woods, Victoria Park and Steeles/Finch. I've never been there but the fact that there are always games there seems to indicate its a good field, search Youtube for vids. Between Defcon Indoors and Outdoors (around Downsview Park), TTAC3 (downtown), CQB Paintball (downtown/west-end), there is almost guaranteed a game every Fridays, Saturdays, and/or Sundays.

Airsoft players I find are very mixed depending on age and seniority with the sport but generally open minded. We're always looking at each other's gear, arsenal, setup, and playing styles. I haven't met too many gung ho types but I'm sure they're out there but that sort of attitude usually doesn't last long within this community.
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