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PTW - Systema no Longer Shipping NiCad Batteries

Didn't know this....sorry if it's a repost or not in the right section...

(now I need Kos-Mos to tell me which batteries/packs to stick in my PTW...)


About NiCd batteries which we imported before import prohibition, please note that according to the law after July 1st 2009 it is also forbidden to sell NiCd batteries, and all NiCd batteries still in stock must be destroyed. The prohibition is not only to import but also to sell. I agree with you that NiCd batteries are the best battery for toy gun use, many times better than NiMH and LiPo, but unfortunately they belong to the past. We need to look forward and choose the best available now.

Regarding T.W. battery, please read this answer thoroughly and understand it. Please explain the correct information carefully to your customers. Thank you for your help. (Systema)


As alternative of the NI-Cd battery for electric guns, it is true that the most excellent performance is Li-Fe (Lithium ferrite). This is our conclusion after repeated tests for about one year.

Although this overlaps the last explanation, there was size problem for adoption.

However, outer diameter phi22mm, full length 65mm and the cell of voltage 3.3V, current value 1600mAh will be soon available on the market. We will process this cell into a pack and conduct the last test, and then we will release it formally as T.W. battery.

This new style battery pack will be used without any processes on the gun body.

The charger for this battery packs will be released, too.

The price of these new products is not decided yet. The scheduled release date is late in next January.

These are already decided matters.

Since it seems that there is some misunderstanding, please let me correct.

We do not deny the use of Ni-MH battery for T.W. We just told that we cannot produce it because there is high possibility that it will not be able to fully realize the performance of the battery because it may completely discharge due to the characteristic of Ni-MH battery during the shipment to you after we produce it.

We never deny everything like end users use NI-MH battery which they got by themselves. Of course, with the battery whose voltage and current value are extremely higher than the battery which is currently produced by us, there may be problems on the board.

The value of the power supply which T.W. board and motor can accept is as follows:

(1) Voltage 13.2V

(2) Current Incoming current Up to 40A

This is the maximum value we recommend. Considering the value, for the battery before we release Li-Fe battery, the rating of the battery which we can recommend is as follows:

(1) Voltage Up to 12V

(2) Current Up to 4A

With the battery whose value is below the above mentioned value, even if it is Nil-MH battery, there is no problem practically. Especially for voltage, please secure more than 8.4V.

Since end users are careless to the performance of battery in many cases, when a gun does not function well, they suspect the gun first. To the contrary, if they satisfied with performance of the gun, then they connect the battery whose capacity is too much and it causes failure. In order to avoid such a situation, there is no appropriate way other than enlightenment of the correct knowledge to users.

Thank you for your continued support in advance. Thank you as always.

Best regards,

Kumi (Systema)
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