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I agree that some peeps don't like the answer they get so they try to change it.

I fear that when they start to spout this "elitist" argument that often they should be saying "rude". On the internet many people just can't help themselves and become very rude. It even has a name: "flame". There are some of those "rude" types on this board. I am not saying that their opinions are wrong, they just cannot seem to express themselves without being insulting and rude. We could name the greatest of these, but instead I'll name some that I think are good answerers: Latency comes to mind quickly, always there to give an informative answer without the "elitism". If the asker doesn't want to accept the answer he doesn't go into a tirade. It is simply a matter of "so be it, don't take my advice", and move on. Another one is KOS-MOS, always with great answers. As I write this I realize that almost everyone on this board provides good answers. The "rudies" are few.

The staff of this board always seem to answer questions without "elitism" or rudeness. Come to mind quickly would be: Drake, Tokyo Seven, ILLusion.

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