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oh man, why is this even in the newbie tank? it doesn't even concern airsoft.

buddy, alot of players have a hard time accepting clear replicas of actual firearms, what makes u think they want to play with or against people armed with nerf guns?

you'd have better luck making starwars or halo themed weapons rather than replicas of children's toys, the nerds will eat those right up and they have more money to spend than the 3 or 4 guys that think nerf airsoft guns look kool

I know we are grown men playing dressup/soldier but there are limits to what people will put up with for the sake of roleplay/entertainment

just because it fires airsoft ammunition does not make it airsoft, and yeah if you had anything solid instead of "what if" then you might get taken a little more seriously, don't talk the talk...walk the walk.
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