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How much is it going to cost you to build each of these devices?
Assuming that i'll need a CNC router, that machine itself will cost $2000 CAD... Assuming the first prototype itself costs $1000... I dunno, $3000 CAD for start-up, around ~$300 per unit before packaging/shipping/advertising/tax? I have that money, and would be willing to spend it. But then again, I am only dreaming/designing in my head at this stage. Believe it or not, I'm actually dumb enough to think I can pull off creating a full-auto airSOFT gun (the definition seems to depend more on ammunition used) powered by a pneumatic/spring loaded, detachable "mag" that can be recharged by a pump operated by your hands. (10 shots per sec, 300-495 FPS adjustable by variable slotting/muzzle break, shoots plastic BB's or custom collaps-able "chalk" bullets) Yeah, I'll invent a pair of wings to fly while I'm at it, LOL.

No, seriously, I'm the kind of guy who's paranoid because of things like I almost got deported at the airport once because I was carrying some unused computer parts and forgot to declare it as "commercial sample"... I was actually going to make one of these and give it to my best friend's son... But I know how that can easily turn into a legal issue too, so that's why I asked about the legal aspect of this, of which none of you so far seems to be willing to go into details with.

If it makes any of you feel better, YES, I *AM* abusing substances and muttering jibberish and dancing around crazily as i am typing this! Please also feel free to assume myself to be of any age/ethnic/gender/profession group in order to facilitate the maximum amount of your reading pleasure! Thanks for all your help guys, LOL.

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