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Feasibility of making and selling high-performing projectile-shooters that look like Nerf Guns

Hi all,

As this is my first post, I ask for your understanding and forgiveness if I inadvertently post in a way that may be inappropriate or may cause bad feelings. I was thinking of building a projectile-shooting system, completely from scratch, that would propel BB's at 495 FPS, but would look something like a colorful Nerf Gun, of a design that would not even closely resemble any copyrighted designs, and certainly not any real firearm. I may sell or otherwise "transfer" such an item to other persons in Canada. My question is twofold: firstly, on a theoretical basis, is this legal? And secondly, on a practical basis, is it actually do-able? Ignoring the fact that it's much cheaper to just buy one from a legit retailer...(I am willing to spend $100's for keeping an enjoyable hobby as a machinist) would this idea be conceived by an average, reasonable person as "legal"? If yes, would you be aware of any issues or loopholes or legal/business practices that will lead this pursuit to failure regardless? (e.g. you sell it to a guy, he abuses it..the police catches him and say it "looks" like it does more than 500 FPS... the police shows up at my door, confiscates all my takes them like a year or two to prove that indeed it only does 495 FPS, but by then, i would have lost so much money/time/enthusiasm, that I'll likely give up anyway)

Thank you,

p.s. another example would be, the government/retailers would want me to pay extra for permits ("like everyone else") regardless, that they'll somehow "force" a case against me, for example, under the basis the gun can be "easily modified to appear like a real firearm" (e.g. by spray-painting it black)

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