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Actually when I started out snowboarding I just rented. I didn't go out and buy a $100 board, cheap bindings and cheap boots. I rented it first and decided I liked it.

There are a few reasons why I rented instead of buying straight away, one of them being I didn't want to drop $250 on a board setup and have it break on me or be really cheap quality and not enjoy it. I'm not saying that rental stuff is that good either but chances are it's slightly higher quality than what's available for $250 and it's only ~$35 to rent so why not?

IMO renting first and then buying is what people should be doing but no one seems to think so. Why use something that multiple other people have used when I can get "my own" and own it rather than having it for one day; is probably the line of thinking most n00bs have. It doesn't work that way, the mountains that rent stuff out usually perform maintenance and such on their equipment so part of the price is paying for labour to tune/repair the equipment.

In conclusion 3 years later, after my first boarding experience, I picked up a used board package that was worth a pretty penny but I really like it and it's "high quality", instead of me going from low quality board to low quality board every few years this one is probably going to last me a lot of seasons.

I guess though that I'm one of those people who have the line of thinking where you try it out with some rented mediocre equipment and if you like it go all in (my mountain bike setup is probably worth a good $2000). I have tried other things like skiing, I like it but not enough to dump the money required for some relatively mediocre equipment but at least I tried it out on some mediocre equipment and decided whether or not I liked it than some cheap ass setup and hating it. I still ski however when I do it I just borrow my dads equipment (mediocre equipment which keeps me satisfied).

Where was I going with this rant? I don't actually know but the thing I guess I'm trying to say is that people should probably rent first with some mediocre equipment before they go all in rather than getting low quality stuff and going from gun to gun to gun because it's cheap and you either can't repair it or if it's repairable the cost to repair it is more than getting another cheap one.

EDIT: PS: @ notec: If you're a machinist you're probably lightyears ahead of some of these noobs who ask "w0t gun iz best" and a few days later "halp meh I broked mah gun". You've go the mechanical knowledgebase to be able to do some of these things and figure out how these systems work and such and most likely the tools to do the job. Whereas most of these noobs are 13 or 14 year olds who at most have some experience from shop class (usually not) and no formal training in mechanical systems.
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