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Originally Posted by notec View Post
Here is my story, take it for what it is............
I am new to airsoft, but I did not join to attend the games. I joined because I love the guns. I have collected guns longer than some of you have been alive ;-) Yes I have a cheap Wallyworld m4. And yes I bought it to learn the workings of these guns.

I am a machinist and work at an oil refinery, so I can afford to buy a high end gun.......or make it for that matter :-) But im not going to jump in head first. Ill work my way around,trying various guns.

Something to keep in mind.........not every newbie buys cheap guns because they cant afford it......and cut some of the kids a break, they are the future of this sport you love so much. And a few of them have helped this old guy learn some new
That's cool. Go with it if it does the trick for you. Some have decribed the Kraken as a 3D learning tool for airsoft.

You're a machinist right? you've seen some decent calipers and micrometers. So take a nice Mitutoyo mic and compare it to a $10 special at the local auto store. They do the same thing in function...the cheaper one works good enough for most (certainly for a hobbyist like me)...the more expensive one might not really be the best value. But the Mitutoyo is nicer and if you had to buy tooling/stuff again...what would you spend your hard earned money on? And to continue the can't measure much very accurately with the 6/$10 pack of plastic venier calipers that are basically disposable (I've got 5 of the 6 left...and wish I had my $10 back ).

So there's NICE...good enough...and just plain not good enough for anything realistic.

If you had to setup your own machine shop, what would you choose?...a big cart full of Canadian Tire Jobmate stuff, or fewer but nicer quality (buy once) stuff? I'd bet that you'd lean more towards the latter.

Now...if some guy is asking you what to get 'cause he's just starting out and needs everything...and you reply " should avoid the $99 Mastercraft Drill Press and don't waste your money on the Jobmate 99pc socket set cause the tolerances are large and the socket wrench is shoddy..."...then all of a sudden you look like an elitist.
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