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Originally Posted by shiresniper View Post
i love how you can't resist chirping your mouth off in other peoples buisness.
Every piece of info I have provided has been correct and relevant. Would you rather I provided incorrect, pointless information?

Reviews written by newbies are often not helpful. This isn't because they're stupid or the review is poorly written -it's because they simply don't have the experience with enough AEG's to compare it to. This is evident when anyone gives a glowing review of anything Aftermath. They're bottom-of-the-barrel for what's acceptable. Nothing compared to a Classic Army, G&P, VFC, Ares, or full metal ICS. An Aftermath gun is ok for the money.. but cheap is still cheap.

For some reasons, newbies always seem to take reviews by other newbies with no comparative experience as a word unto God compared to those of us with the experience.

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