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Originally Posted by sarosh View Post
Thanks for all the input. but between the kjw glock 23/27/32c or the kwa usp which gun do you guys feel is more reliable and overall a better gun?
forget the 27 unless u want it solely as a backup, the 23 and 32 are the EXACT same thing, the only difference being the ported slide and outer barrel, between those two, the look is what you would have to decide is better for you.

i had a kjw usp compact before, was a nice gun but I didnt like the valve design on the magazine, and the slide was a tad too heavy for me, as it ate more gas, not sure about the KWA one though, it's a different design.

of all u mentioned, personally the G23 would be the best, but I'd take a TM Hi-capa 5.1 over all of them
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