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Y'know, it's tough to fight City Hall when they're hell-bent on something...even if that something includes bastardizing the various definitions of a "firearm" as stated in C-46, S.84.(1-3) in order to further their cause. Case in point, they borrowed only part of S.84 for their definition without considering the rest and added their own "extras":

Excerpt from By-law page, emphasis added where applicable...
The short title of this By-law is the Discharge of Firearms By-law.

1. In this By-law:
  • Bow means a crossbow, longbow, compound bow, re-curve bow, or any class thereof;
  • Council means the Council of the Corporation of the Town of Halton Hills;
  • Firearm means a barrelled weapon from which any shot, bullet or other projectile can be discharged
    and that is capable of causing bodily injury or death, and includes
    air gun, spring-gun, pellet gun or paint ball gun;
Nowhere in the Criminal Code of Canada does it state that a "firearm" is an air gun, spring-gun, pellet gun or paint ball gun. This is simply the City deciding for itself what is or isn't according to their own (extremely) broad definition. Too bad really as a field like FTF didn't pose any measurable, "...Threat to public safety.", which is what Halton's expanded firearms prohibition was all about. It was meant to deal with complaints regarding the annual deer hunt as well as nuisance/varmint hunting by farmers. Somehow, I don't think an otherwise secluded woodland full of well-behaved airsofters was even on their radar at the time.

I suppose it's far too late now to change anything but as Brian said, at least there will be more MilSim next year at other locations look forward to.



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