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Originally Posted by pusangani View Post

If you like shitty plastic externals and low fps hehhehe

I can't believe ppl are still touting tm as being an option for the ak user, if you want metal and wood (like any true airsofter should) then buy a Real Sword, can't afford that, then get a VFC or CA at least the metal body justifies the price, what does TM have except some magical gearbox that gives some ppl wood, really what does it have to justify costing more than a full metal a Dboys or even Cyma

Ppl say dboys and other clone internals are garbage, I've owner 10+ dboys drop in gearboxes and have never had one fail on me EVER, and they are dirt fucking cheap to replace if they ever did so what's the big deal about TM? $500+ for some shitty creaky plastic externals, outdated "battery tray" design and the limitation of only having 8.4v stick batts fit without modification?


Yall need to wake up and realize that while tm might be a great company that does alot of its own R&D etc, its v3 original ak's are utter shite, any ak enthusiast will tell u so
Since you've owned 10 or so Dboys gearboxes... how long have you used each of them for? (That might explain why they've been "trouble free")

The insides of a Dboys is honestly almost identical to a Kraken... So basically... You're getting a Kraken in a low-grade pot-metal dress...

The TM AK47 (Now an RPK) that I built had been around for roughly 6 years previous to me building it... and since It's became an RPK, it's gone through a minimum of 2000 BB's a game and it's been relatively problem free since.

When's the last time you've held a brand new TM AK47? Nothing on them creaks and they're very solid guns all around.

A TM AK47 shooting at 280 FPS will out-range and out-group a stock Dboys. All the Dboys stuff I've worked with has had horrible small issues that cause a bunch of fuck ups (Gearbox shells mis-aligned, bearings seized, MASSIVE air loss from the cylinder head and nozzle... not to mention having to fight with aftermarket parts for them to fit properly)

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