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Go BC for the climate and if you don't like freezing your ass off in the winter but Ontario if you want the education. IMO Ontario has a better education system than BC.

Note however, once there's an inch of snow in BC (on the coast) people just forget how to drive properly. In the interior it isn't much of a problem (cause it goes down to -30/40 in the winter) but it's like no one has ever seen snow before and everything they've learnt about driving goes out the window.

Outdoor games are usually shut down during the late fall to early spring months because it's too cold (Season ended around late Oct to early Nov in Southern Alberta this year).

Games can be from 10-50+-300+ people depending on the game, ie. general scrims every second week vs the odd local milsim vs "national" milsims (eg. Border Wars, Cold Front/Keystone etc.).

Games might start at 10-12 and usually end around 4-6. There are some "night games" in Vancouver during the summer (6 to around 10/11).
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