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I'll add my say, even though it may not matter.

I would rather get a CA than a TM. While the stock 280ish fps may be good for beginners, you will soon learn that not being able to punch through anything thicker than a blade of grass to reach your enemy is very frustrating.

Also, CA's (new ones, anyway) come stock with a metal body, metal hop up, and steel bushings, 3 upgrades you don't have to worry about.

Also Also, if you want a slightly higher ROF and trigger response, you can't use a 9.6v battery in a stock TM, because the internals can't take it (I know from experience). People are always saying how TM internals are reliable, which is most likely true, don't get me wrong, but having to stay on the low voltage and FPS in my mind does not scream "reliable". If you end up swapping the body and internals, you just paid $500 for furniture and a mechbox shell, doesn't seem right to me.
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