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All you need to make a stock TM last a buttload longer than any clones is a simple bushing swap from the shitty plastic ones to the metal version for a $20 swap you have yourself a very reliable AEG, To the OP as I said in my previous post if you have the cash then go for one of teh three metioned (VFC, Real Sword, Clasic Army or INOKATSU) you will not be dissapointed if you choos eto cheap out on a Dboys or what ever other clone brands in the end you will spend more money than you would have on a TM or any other AEG metioned above.

*Edit* Just to kep your mind at ease I have a original TM Spetznaz with only a bushing swap since it came out in 91 never had a problem with it, I had a pair one was sold to another local player here and all he did was also a simple bushing swap, and for those who knows and played with me they know that I don't baby any of my active AEGS only the virgins are babied.

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