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Wtf?! Dboys the best?! Dboys is UTTER Garbage.
Even the Americans such as the war store refuse to even stock them due to consistant problems and Breakage, and they pretty much stock clones like its free. Do some bloody research before giving advice to new people.

I knew you clone generations would lower the bar, but jesus. Dboys is NOT the standard. TM and CA have ALWAYS been the Standard for Quality. Bar should NEVER lower, Only Raise. Even JG has shown that.

RS, Inokatsu, CA and TM are the Best. End of Story.
RS and Inokatsu tend to be more expensive but are the best replicas, CA and TM are about equal. The benefit of CA is that it comes with a metal body. Personally, the internals are a bit better with TM, and since TM's V3 boxes come reinforced, it doesnt take much to put a heavier spring, sorbo, metal bushings and a metal cylinder head to fully up it. TM V3 can take it. Toss A G&P Metal body on it and your GOOD to go. Solid Externals, Solid Internals.

Cyma is pretty good. For an AK clone that is. Rest of Cyma is garbage. Either way its no TM or CA.

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