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It's your decision to make the switch.

I've only played recball with rentals and I jumped directly into airsoft. In all I think it depends on the type of person you are, you could save money on BB's but if you are a gearwhore you'll spend the money you save on gear that you probably don't need. I probably spent $1000 over the last year on airsoft stuff so it's not really cheap ($450 gun, ~70-80 on mags, ~60 on BB's, clothing, protective equipment, etc.).

Contact the fine people over at JOC (Joint Operations Calgary) for AV and such. They have closed the outdoor season however you can still play indoors to keep your skills sharp at Laser Trek (south side I believe it is. The place where the car crashed through the wall) on Monday nights (and other nights too). Some nights are JOC sponsored so there will be an AV rep there to take down your info so you can get a user bar like mine.

At Trek the nights are open as they can't deny people to play as long as the people pay the entrance fee (minimum age however is 14+ with parent waiver). Outdoor games though are limited to 18+ with some concessions made to 16+ (again with parental waiver signed).

As with the black and smoke or clear AEG's. It's mainly a import issue. When a retailer says "Canadian Legal" it just means it's legal for import (however I don't suggest you importing a clear gun yourself as that introduces a world of headache) you can't import a "black gun" without a BFL (Business Firearms License) and with that they are only supposed to be used to import for LE/Mil (note it has to be like the chief of police or the military training centre who gets permission from the CFO to get the business to import if you're just a regular front line/gopher LE or Mil guy you can't just go out and order it yourself) and for movie props. After the guns pass the border it's all fair game you can own anything you want.

Note: I've simplified the explanation however that's the gist of what the laws and how they are applied work.

EDIT: Also thank you for using a larger vocabulary than most newbies who join this forum ("lo00l w0t 6un ar3 b3st") and actually making the effort to type in coherent sentences with proper grammar. I assume you're probably well over 18 (because of the maturity I detect in your post) so things shouldn't be a problem for you, you'll be welcomed to the community with open arms because you're probably the kind of player that we like and want.
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