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Paintball to airsoft is it for me?

I've been playing woodsball for a few years on and off but am finding the cost of paint a little much to justify. Also I can't just go out have a game anywhere because there has to be air available. I've got my own marker (Automag) but am just not really enjoying the game because even though I'm light on the trigger it's still to easy to spend $100 for the day. I'm also not having much luck with marker accuracy (paintball vs bb ?) and I know this is partially a barrel issue but don't want to spend a bunch more money if I can get into airsoft by selling off what I have already.

My question to others is (mainly those that have made the same move I'm considering) are you finding your game costs lower including AEG maintenance? For the money spent are you getting a gun that is shotting more accurate compared to paintball? I'm mainly interested in outdoor airsoft so are those that have made the change finding it challenging finding fields to play at (I'm in calgary)? I can probably sell my gear for between $500-700 can I get a basic setup like a CA or G&G M4 or M16 for that price range? Lastly what's up with the our AEG's in Canada... I'm confused on what we can purchase here... I see some stores selling AEG's with smoke colored parts so they don't look real and others selling the same (brand and model) AEG full metal or black plastic?

Sorry for all the questions. I'm really wanting to get into the game to get better and have a good time at less of a per game cost.
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