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Realistic replicas-yeeeeah! Albeit, there seems to be a merger of the 2 sports trying to happen. How so you say quasimodo? Look @ gbb rifles. What about those 6mm p-balls Ra-Tech has made? Highly pigmented bb's? I think it's realistically possible that there is a place for p-ball in airsoft. Seriously. I would'nt mind doing some milsim games (cqc?) using p-balls, just not w/ something that looks like a plumbing experiment gone bad. On another note, magpul pts is supposed to be coming out w/ the bushy acr w/ quick change capabilities between electric and drop-in gbb. Can you say good bye to split p-balls in your rifle w/ out stripping the gb? Now if someone would invent a hop set-up for use in 6mm that would cross-over to 8mm for us all around freaks. Time to ready myself for the insueing barbeque.
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