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be careful with madbulls. every now and then, there's a batch of unpolished BB's that will tear up your hopup in no time. I have a few bags marked for grenade use only.

VA bb's are good but tend to be of the smallest diameter. I've had them roll out the end of my M4 with a new hopup set on full. they also negate the use of a tightbore because they are smaller.

Currently, the only BB's that I'm satisfied with for performance and price are Bastards, Metal Tech blacks (but now Bastards come in black, whoot!) and Madbull Tracers.

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But I appreciate the comments back, you guys have been very helpful. One question though if the Barrel really is about 6mm then why do they even bother to indicate such a caution warning?

they are listed as 6mm but always going to be bigger. not by much but bigger. tightbores are in the 6.01-6.04 range. stock barrels are usually bigger all the way up to 6.08

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