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I have some additions to this rig. As you can see the the drop leg holster pulls the heavy utility belt down giving a lopsided appearence to the rig. I have opted for a regular jeans belt because it fits through the built in tabs and doesnt droop when a drop leg platform is added. I have a new hydration carrier to, here is the review.

rugged and versatile,molle compatible when shoulder harnes removed,or can be used as a stand alone carrier.

Included with the carrier is a quality 3.0L bladder,insulated drink tube and bite valve.

Nifty little tabs keep the bladder in place as fluid is used.

With the price tag it was to good to resist. You cant even get a 3.0l bladder for this price nevermind the moille carrier!

In game pics of this rig are still forthcoming!
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