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Originally Posted by Dekan Frost View Post
lol Alright guys, I'm relaxed.. But when you see a big bold Caution triangle saying we are not responsible for any damage to this gun from using un supported bbs, one has to worry.

But I appreciate the comments back, you guys have been very helpful. One question though if the Barrel really is about 6mm then why do they even bother to indicate such a caution warning?
TBH I don't know. Probably some ploy to deny RMA's as they can define "unsupported BB's" that any way they want. You could easily say that the end user damaged their gun cause they were using unsupported BB's and not issue an RMA or support for fixing it. It shouldn't really matter anyways as pretty much anything you do could potentially void your warranty especially messing around the gearbox, lubing gears, or upgrades.

It's kind of like computer parts. Lets say you pick up an "Overclocked edition" GPU. Why? Well they're essentially selling you a cheaper chip that's been factory OC'ed but if it fails they'll support it, BUT if you do the same thing with a regular GPU and it fails well you're SOL. It's all about marketing and how to keep your money after they made the sale.

Well that's my take on it anyways. However they may also be referring to stupid North American kids who buy crappy .12 Walmart BB's with seams and when the hop up tears or the gun breaks they can deny an RMA claim.

PS: Never buy Crappy tire BB's. There are better .12 BB's available. The only thing you should be using them for are BB Showers and Tornado Grenades, you should be using a minimum of .20 otherwise.
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