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Originally Posted by Dekan Frost View Post
Sounds good Amos, Now I feel like I wasted my money but hopefully I will be only doing that once =)

Are you going to be coming to the 21st to do some AV'ing, so I can hit up the retail section of the ASC forums.

I checked BB basterd and like I said they only had 6mm or 5.98 I wanted to go with what the manual said to be on the safe side, between 5.94 - 5.96

But I guess You guys said not to worry.. so it should be all good then

This wil be my first airsoft game, and first time using my rifle lol
so I want to go out guns blazing the best!
I have personally fired bastards through SEVERAL different G&G guns (20+ different ones) and have never had a jamming problem that was BB related

You'll be fine.
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