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Originally Posted by Rock 'N' Roll Outlaw View Post
I just bring it up because Ive seen reps from VA be adamantly opposed to minors owning airsoft. I guess everyone will say that but when it comes to business they can easily change their tune.

I'd guess the use of a credit card is enough for some people.
I had a credit card at 15. You can get sponsored credit cards which are tied into your parents credit accounts. For my parents it was just an extension of themselves so I could purchase things for them without carrying around cash. I could also use it for my things as long as I paid that part.

While I'm pretty sure not selling to under 18s is the best choice in marketing, as under 18s run the higher risk of creating an incident which could have airsoft banned altogether, it's really hard to enforce via online retail without some crazy administrative overhead.

Finding or making a scraper for ASC usernames and see if there is the AV image on their profile page might be worthwhile. But it's ultimately up to VA.

EDIT: There is no image like that on their profile. So without crazy administrative overhead, that is, making sure emails and usernames match up to the ones on here. There's hardly any way without doing everything manually for every purchase that makes something like that worthwhile.

Another EDIT:

From the VA website:
Originally Posted by VA
18+ years of age

By purchasing from you agree that you are at least 18 years of age at the time of purchase. If requested, you agree to present valid government photo ID to prove such information is true.
Guess mr 16yr old has some legal issues.
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