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Originally Posted by Yeaston View Post
Thanks. But should I get age verified for reasons other than proving my age, or just that?
Well it pretty much gives you access to the Classifieds and AV retailer sections (NIB "black guns" in there) cause you've proven your age however something else that it gives you (that isn't really a tangible benefit) is that you are given more respect on a whole (as long as you prove you deserve the respect). It shows that you're willing to be a contributing member to the community and discussions.

Take a look at the noobs that we get every week asking "w0t gun 4m b3st?" (you'll see why we're so jaded toward non AV members soon enough if you spend enough time on the forums).

That being said, however, there are some minors and un AV'ed members who do get the respect just because they've proven themselves to actually want to be contributing members, they listen and read the extensive FAQ section that covers pretty much everything that one would need to know to start and only then if they have a question they post it and usually get a warm reception from the community.

There's actually only one recent minor that jumps to mind when I try to think about a minor that actually deserves my respect and he doesn't even live on the continent, he actually was probably one of the few ones that typed in proper sentences and used proper grammar.
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