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Advice on my choice of gun.

I will soon be getting my first real airsoft gun from , and I am looking for advice. I currently have a Crosman R76(the AK74), and after playing last winter and this whole summer I have found I feel more comfortable shooting at medium to long ranges. ROF is not really a concern, but accuracy definetly is. As this is going to be my first real airsoft gun I want to keep the cost as low as possible.

The guns I am thinking about are; ICS M4A1, ICS M16A3, and the SRC G36C.

I have read several reviews on each and what I've heard is that the ICS guns are loud(a con in my oppinion) and have a low FPS(also another con, as I will be shooting from medium-far distances). I have also heard that the SRC is built comparable to the real thing(well) and has a higher FPS, but the accuracy is not as high. There definetly will be upgrades in the future, so I would like to know; can the ICS guns handle a stronger spring without having to change other internals? And, can I add a longer barrel to the G36c without having to buy a new cylinder? Any other guns I should consider? And what are your oppinions of these guns?

Thanks in advance.

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