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Originally Posted by Sawstink View Post
Does anyone know the quality of G&G 5.95 mm's?
Woulda Thought this was self explanitory...

Ive tried Metal techs, they work great on TM stock inners, Ive had some issues with my Tightbores.

Ive tried Madbulls (because at the time they sold .25's at the same price as their .2's and they were cheaper than Bastards. I used them for a while, but then started getting issues (entire bags would jam INSIDE double stack AEG Magazines). I found this odd suspecting that perhaps my magazine needed cleaning but after stripping it down and completely cleaning and reoiling with no success and trying it in over 12 other mags (M4, MP5 etc). I found that with Madbull, when one in a batch was bad, the ENTIRE batch was bad. There were times i had to trade my madbulls to people with single stack mags (which they worked fine in).

Nowadays, .25's are the same price as .2's with Bastards. I havent had any BB releated feeding issues with any of them so far.

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