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Originally Posted by StrikeFreedom View Post
. however, the way its ran seems to be holding a lot of people back, if not discouraging them from the sport.
Personally, I think its fine.

Mainly because its doing what we intend it to do, Keep airsoft out of the hands of some spoiled child that'll take the thing to a park or to school, then problems seriously arise.

If the person really wants to get involved in the sport, there are guns out there that do not require age verification to aquire. If they want a taste of airsoft, buy one of those, play a game. And if they want to get something a bit more convincing in looks. They get age verified, its very simple.

We get very touchy when some fresh user comes in, spilling a mess of bad grammar and spelling mistakes asking for how much a gun is and where they can get it. 90% of the time its just some 14 year old trying to find something to get their parents to buy for them, simply because it looks cool. They tend to throw a bitchfest whenever they get the answer they werent looking for.

ASC used to put up with this kind of stuff on a near daily basis and to be quite honest with you, its really fustrating.
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