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You have to realize though that only "trusted" members can become AV reps. Usually this means that they're held in high regard by other senior members across Canada. I know that places like Vancouver is really hurting for AV reps, I think there's only 2 or 3 who are active and one of them is not even in Vancouver.

Your best bet is to go out to a game and do it. Head out to TTAC3 if you're in Toronto, contact Brian McIlmoyle (the owner) and secure a rental too so you can just go there, show your ID, get your info taken down and play the rest of the night with a rental.

PS: Has anyone noticed the Newbie tank is pretty much becoming the FAQ section with all the stickies at the top of the section? I mean it was meant to be a place where newbies could ask questions but it now seems like it's an annex to the FAQ's....

EDIT: I have nothing against helping out newbies who ask legitimate questions (and actually use proper grammar and punctuation) but it just seems like noobs are flooding this section with "w0t gun am b3st? I want hi FPS liek 450+" and you have to wade through these useless posts to answer questions that actually merit a good answer.
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