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i can see why people ask, either they are really interested or perhaps just curious. then you have a bunch of people telling him/her to get AVed without actually answering the question. i think they know why they cant see the buy/sell section.

i dont know about other non-AVed users but i have contacted numerous nearby AVers for awhile, yet i get no response. i understand AVers are busy and this is done voluntarily. so maybe i should attend an event. but even if ive meet the AVer, it can take months or longer to actually get AVed. i want to get AVed, but theres only so much i can do.

surebet i appreciate you posting this thread, as i got a better idea of what the pricing is like in the used market. the AV process no doubt has a great intention. however, the way its ran seems to be holding a lot of people back, if not discouraging them from the sport.

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