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hello, fellow aficionados or enthusiasts for the rest of you.
My name is Bryan A.K.A DEADBOLT.
i've been airsofting(?) for a little while, and in my my small town i've managed to get a decent number of people into it.
the main majority of people where i am play paintball, and all is good for them, personaly i hate the 'sport'.

now, reading through your forum, looking up many different threads, i've noticed that you do not seem to be verry welcoming to a majority of other players.
that anyone in your little click who doesn't have a 1:1 gun is an idiot.
well, i'm honestly fine with that, its honestly sad that you guys want to leave out people just becuase they can't get those weapons, honestly this group is no better than speed ballers, and lets face it if those dinks got any cockier they'd literaly turn into cocks.

anyway, i'm going to stay and maybe you guys will keep your personal opinions about what weapons i use to yourselfs.
i know i'll keep mine to myself.

i have a lot of questions to ask, and if any of you are big enough to put our indifferences aside i'd appreciate your asistance. i know that the 20 guys in my 'clan' would appreciate it aswel.

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