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Since he's neither AV'd or a supporter he won't be able to read stuff in the Trash (and I'm not resurrecting that thread), so here's a copy:

Originally Posted by squeenix View Post
Post your experiences.

I will start us off with a review on Walmart, they're talking about a $20 Crosman 175fps gun.

This gun is the best Automatic gun I have ever used. It shoots EXTREMELY fast and it shoots the full 250 BBs in 30 seconds. (Ive timed it) I just bought this gun and I would have to say this is probably the best Ive ever used. Meaning this is the best I mean for its price I am not saying this is the "Best" Airsoft gun ever but it definately is close to that. I would recommend this airsoft gun to Pros because this gun is very hard to load Although I also would recommend this for beginners because of the High-Grade performance this Airsoft Gun offers. Unless you want a Rifle that shoots over 1000 FPS (Feet per second) But if you just want a high quality gun that shoots like crazy then I would recommend this gun. Overall this is a very good weapon!

P.S. you get an F- for Plausible Deniability, too :P

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