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Prices for guns in the classifieds

End of Feburary update!
Mid semester exams are kicking my ass, but there has been interest in prices from a couple of people. I don't have the time to do a serious drilldown of the data, but you can grab the raw snapshot of the last 7 days here.

These prices usually include accessories, upgrades or other package deals.

Current AEG ads: 1058
Current Gas & Spring ads: 864
Current retailers threads: 57

I swear, if anyone without an Age Verified tag PM's again me about buying one of these, my reply will consist of only goatse and shemales.

Goatse? Pricelists? Shemales? Where the hell am I?
Welcome to this humble thread, I'm guessing this is your first visit. Since I was on the verge of baby seal clubbing after reading threads after threads of new members asking for prices, I thought I'd share research I did to search more effectively the classifieds. This was really useful to me for making offers on items, and expanded a bit it contains lots of nifty stuff.

Can I help?
Yes! Never, ever delete the prices in your ads. I know, I know, you're proud you finally sold your crap. In the spur of the moment, you might want to show the world your incredible business success, and rejoice by replacing your price by "SPF" or "Sold".

I don't get these people. Seriously, what the fuck? Not only is it an actual ASC infraction to delete them, since you're already editing your post, leave your victory comment off the price. If you want to banana your thread, just type it anywhere in the post.

Also, if you sold really exotic or rare guns in the last year, please PM me the following info if you want to add it in. Your contribution will be anonymous unless you want to be added to the thank you list.

Make, model, price and state.

Retailers can also help by sending a spread sheet of the same info.

Finally, pass it around. I've seen a few arguments where hiss-fits were thrown because the kidiot didn't see the glaring sticky thread named "Prices for the guns in the classifieds". I mean, that's just sad.

Stop tempting me damn it! How can I get my hands on these?
You will need to get Age Verified. All you need to do is contact your local rep and go meet him. Bring coffee as a bribe. After verifying you're not a 16 transvestite prostitute, you will gain super powers, or at least be added to the user group that can access the deliciously mysterious 18+ sections of the board, including the classified ads and the retailer shops.

Go here for some help:

Disclaimers and stuff
No, I don't own any of these guns. They are for sale, but not by me. I will not disclose how to contact the people selling them. I will however disclose whatever request you make to the admins.

You should make your own research before making any transactions. Although I don't think anyone seeded tainted values in the market, it would be possible to abuse this list since it relies on publicly modifiable information.

This should only be interpreted as a means to motivate people to wait until they are 18 to buy a gun, to get age verified and to abstain from buying guns from international or shady sources.
Annoyingly good with numbers

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