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other question:

on ehobby asia, for that model, they say it is supposed to be used with:

HFC134a & HFC22 Gas

if mu knowledge is good, 134a is duster (tetrawhatever), while 22 is green gas(propane).

with that said, I know propane put more stress on the gun than green gas... being full metal, I think it wouldnt make much difference... but since they also talk about 134a... I kinda fear green gas would already be kinda limit... would propane be too much?

also you guys have suggested me replacing the parts talked about earlier... beside those parts, would propane be damaging for anything else? and if I swap those parts, would they be strong enought to handle propane???

also with the 150% springs in that? what are the benefits? I think the 150% recoil spring add more kick to the gun (more realistis feel), which is really cool... but the hammer spring... angain if my knowledge is good, that would be the spring in the housing under the grip safetly right? if so, what in the world would be the advantage of a 150% spring there? the hammer would hit stronger... what are the benefits of that?

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