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I would strongly urge you to carefully read what DarkAngel wrote. As convenient as it may seem to claim the vets are just being elitists and the clones, being 100% clones, must be as good as the originals... the truth remains that you usually get what you pay for and if something's priced too good to be true, it usually is.

That isn't to say there aren't some good deals, and they'll work fine as long as you know their weaknesses and how to maintain/upgrade a few basic things (I own a couple ACMs myself)... but there's also a lot of bad clones/ACMs/etc out there.

Is JG improving? Maybe. But they're still sub-par. They won't break as fast as the Kraken but they're no TM either. And even TMs, they're reliable but if you want to make performance upgrades you usually need to swap out a lot of stuff (on the older guns anyway).

Do yourself a favor and use the 1.5 yrs to save up as much as you can, so that when you finally can buy something you can get a good gun that will be trouble-free and keep going for years.

And this lesson doesn't just apply to airsoft, you'll find it'll also be true for other things you'll eventually buy: tv, camera, dishwasher, holographic home entertainment system (hey you're young, you can hope), etc.

And the title's been there ever since that Walmart gun review. You get an F- for Observation. :P
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