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Where is Lykurgus?

Has anyone seen or heard from this guy? I paid for my gun on November 4th and after the EMT was accepted, he/she disappeared. All attempts to contact were ignored (since he did sign on after I had sent him a PM or two), and no attempts were made to contact me.

I have given him notice since Monday (this week) that I would contact the authorities tomorrow (Thursday Afternoon) regarding this issue as he has not gotten back to me, and I have not gotten my gun.

I really hate doing this to people, but I'm short on money, and if I'm not getting my gun, I need my money back ASAP.

If any of you know how to get in contact with him besides PM'ing (preferably a phone number) please let me know so I don't have to get your friend (assuming he is) involved with the authorities.
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