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Jing gong is getting better, granted. but they are still known for inconsistancies and Quality control issues. Some have been known to arrive broken. When you buy a clone, you take that risk.

You talked about an interest in the lower quality kraken kurz, which is why i mentioned it. I never said JG is cheaper than a kraken.
Im not knocking JG Users, Many know the full risks of buying a clone. I know many people who own JGs and are very happy with it. That being said 95% of those forementioned are either gundoc's or have spend a considerable amount of money sending it to one to have it ready to use.

JG isnt BAD per say. But considering that you have no clue how an AEG works and any idea of the amount of stresses applied to a gearbox. I would highly suggest that you buy a proper Quality AEG so that it does not break down on you. Average repair can cost anywhere from 25 bucks to 200 bucks. you do the math.

I didnt say you had to go into "stasis mode" In fact I would rather you do the opposite. Read more about what is said. There is infact countless reviews posted by people everywhere. Sites like Arnies Airsoft and other places have very good objective reviews from people in the business. Dissapearing till your age verification date does nothing to solve ignorance of the sport. You would just be delaying it.

Read more and post less. This means posting concise objective questions that you have demonstrated by doing research first. Spoon feeding info is not something we enjoy to do here. If you show that you have done the research, attempted and still do not understand or have questions. We would be happy to help you.

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