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Originally Posted by DarkAngel View Post
If its going to take 1 1/2 years for you to save up for a JG... You are in the wrong sport.

If your planning to cheap out with a clone gun without any knowledge on repair and maintainance, im willing to bet im gonna see you in the doctors corner complaining that your gun broke down.

JG's actually pretty good nowadays.

Oh wait... you already did that with your kraken.

Simple matter of the fact is, If you buy a low quality clone, expect to have to fix it. It WILL break, the amount of force applied by a gearbox is phenominal. Its not fair for you to expect everyone else to do your dirty work for you because you decide to ignore everyone's advice and do whatever you want.

I dont really want to beat a dead horse, but if you really bothered to look around to what people say on the forums. A resounding "I told you so" is at hand from Multiple members. Youve been warned repeatedly by many members of the reasonings of why. If your not willing to take the advice of Experienced gun docs and players, then were not going to be willing to give advice when something goes wrong.

Theres a reason you got that title, its not a compliment.
Save up for a higher quality gun, such as a TM.

This isnt a flame, nor am i trying to grill you. Im trying to set you straight cause im sick of people complaining about their crapsoft guns breaking and when it does, they complain then decide to get ANOTHER clone instead of learning from their Mistake having the cycle continue again.

Take this as constructive criticism. Ive read your other posts you have made and your not going in the right direction. You make fun of your friends for walmart guns yet you ask questions about even cheaper quality than kraken. You suggest to other new players that backyard airsofting is OK without actually knowing any of the actual laws regarding airsoft. In essence you are encouraging new players to break the law.

We play on my uncles private forest. Also, how is Jing Gong cheaper than Kraken?

Furthermore weve told you many times that we will not support minors from purchasing airsoft guns. Yet you repeatedly ignored us and went ahead to buy one. Noone on this forum will help you if you continue to ignore what we say and break the rules.

Save up for a TM, listen to what the experienced members say and wait till your 18. If you remember nothing else, remember that.
Ok. Squeenix is in statis mode for another 1.4 years.
I have realized that bad guns break easily. You guys are way more experienced, so I guess I should take your advice I can easily save up 600 for a TM in the next year.
Thanks, I will stop epic trolling.

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