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Ed Carvalho
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Erratic piston behavior

This is my first post in this forum. If this is an already answered question, please donít trash me too hard and direct to there! I have a JG M4 and use it for IPSC competitions. One of these days, suddenly its piston started to lock somewhere towards the back, but not at the rearmost position. Sometimes I just have to switch to full auto to have the piston released, other times even this doesnít work. After fully recharging the battery, I removed the upper and placed the switch back to single, and, while pressing the trigger, forced the piston all the way to back. This maneuvers (gosh! I hope I havenít damaged anything beyond repair!) released momentarily the piston and the gun fired properly in full auto, but when switched back to single, it locked again!!!
What is going on? I humbly beg for guidance!
Ed, from Brazil
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