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Most vests and pouches are gears around armalite (M16, M4, M733, etc.) mags. G36 mags are a fair bit thicker than aramlite mags and also have the connectors on the sides which hang up on a lot of pouches that they do fit in. Tactical Tailor make G36 specific pouches as do Dropzone Tactical. These are designed to take two mags clipped together. Most armalite pouches that fit three AR mags are just a bit too small to take two G36 mags. I also run with TACGEAR and ARKTIS rigs ant they take double G36 mags no problem.

Now, I also use both the older Private Parts and the current SOCOM AR magwell conversions. While I agree using AR mags destroys the look of the gun (visible rounds are just way tacticool, though 20 round AR VN mags do look kind of neat), it does make a lot more gear compatible to the mags and chances are, you will be able to swap mags with teammates easier should the need arise. The only issue I've had using the magwell conversion is you'll loose about 6 bb's every time you pull the mag out. With G36 mags, you loose 2.
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