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Well, I guess the place is consider "low light" CQB.

Most of the time when I'm holding a zig zag hallway, it's mostly dark, too dark to actually see my sight, and after putting down a flashlight on the floor blinding the opposite corner, I can hardly see my sight. Sure, pistol isn't the type of gun to use like a sniper, but people who pop their head around the corner should deserve one in the goggle... and I can't do that if I can't aim.

I agree on the muscle memory thing, but a bit harder to master but I'm sure I'll get it.

What I'm thinking in doing might be just get a small drill and drill a small hole on the back and front sight, then put a drop of glow in the dark paint and hopefully works ok. If not, then I'll just put a hole through the sight, get the glow stick and shove them into the holes.

I use a Bell 1911 full plastic. Not going to spend too much money on upgrading it since it's just a secondary.

Thanks for all the advice!
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