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The glow in the dark paints that I've found (model/hobby/craft stuff) doesn't really show up well as a tiny little dot...don't last long as well once energized.

The aftermarket (sorry can't remember the name) that had for 226 and glocks were actually very good.

**amateur opinion**
Practice, practice, practice. Get your stance/hold locked in and "muscle memoried". Then you're basically point shooting.

It's rarely ever pitch black...there's usually some kind of ambient really you're shooting in low light...and if you can see what you want to shoot at, the locked in point shooting will be pretty good. (no shooting the gun out of someone's hand in the dark though...LOL)

If it's pitch black and you can't see your hand in front of your's pretty tough to move at all without a personal light.

If it's dark enough that you need to use a personal light source...practice with a light. In pitch black or very low's amazing how crappy it is to get blinded by glare off of walls/flat surfaces. Keep in mind...what you don't want to do is to light yourself up anymore than you have to.

....and tell the dummy behind you to turn off his light...he's just turned you into a great silhouette target for everyone to shoot at.

I can't say that when I go to a pistol that I really aim much...maybe I zone in on the front sight subconciously...but I can't recall doing so very often.
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