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The seam between the lower receiver half shells seems rather pronounced. But I suppose being plastic, there's "hope" we'll be seeing a so-called Canadian version at some point down the road (ironic we airsofters have done everything we can to get away from plastic receivers and real steel has gone and made all their receivers plastic).

Noticed they put on MATech 600m rear BUIS, a bit puzzling since the Masada was always seen sporting the Troy BUIS (which remains to this day on the Remington ACR).

Also noticed a windowed PMAG (albeit its a hicap)

Rather unique hopup design, too... Realistic quick-change barrel is nice, wonder if we'll be seeing other lengths being offered as drop -ins.

And very hopefully, someone produces the RAS handguard for it so we can get it into current ACR configuration, even if a few design elements will be "wrong." The UBR style stock seen in the newest Remington photos would be nice, too.

One of the pics on eHobby's site (not shown above) has a selector on the right hand side: don't know if its functional. I didn't see any mention of the mechbox, the bottom of the pistol grip seems to suggest v2. One can always hope.


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