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Airsoft gun( sniper or AEG )

Hello im thinking of buying a good out-of-box sniper rifle so i chek that
so wath do you think ? or i like the barett to but im not sure of is perfomance

but i dont knoe where to command it (by internet)

or an AEG the first one


for the mp5 im thinking to buy an more long barrel and put a fake silencer on it to make like a short barrel but i dunno where to get an barrel...(there no on ) an for the first sniper im thinking to use in CQC and medium field (not the barett in CQC) but It's need to be good out-off-box

Oh and im not a beginner (for the sniper i know it's need a little bit of field experience i play for bout one years but with cheap gun) Thank to respond to all of my question in your response =D

(si il a des francais réponde en francais est acepter)
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