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Originally Posted by surebet View Post
I was considering selling quite a few guns to get it!
LOL, perhaps get this import as airgun? you probably need to make sure the manuals, spring bolt, spring mag are not included in the package. Also, a seperate chrono reading might be a good idea, using propane at SATP ARES guns are shooting in mid-low 400s. ARES manual states it recommends HFC134a (although propane just do fine) which only gives 380.

Another case could be making sure the mag it comes with the main package is the CO2 mag and register it as a firearm (IM NOT KIDDING, CO2 mag will shoot it over 500) Just hopefully the repeal of the long gun registery is removed when you do this. (so the RCMP cant track it down when you de-classify it from firearm to airgun.

But all these ideas, DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK, and have fun with paperwork.
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