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Smile Hi guys, im new here.

Hey, since im new. I wanted to make a thred saying hello to you all and give you some general infomation on me and my life.

My name is Marshall I'm 14 (YES, 14 but I'm mature.)currently going to school. I am living in the UK and i was born in England. I love everything fun but mostly my passion is shooting guns/weapons. I love going out with friends and just having fun.

When I grow older I am going to join the army in a infantry regiment for 4-5 years. Then I'm going for the Small Arms Course (Sniping).

My fav type of shooting is Sniping, I just love sniping. <3

I currently shooting with Air Rifles (Gas, Co2) and want to get into Airsoft Shooting.

Thats it really, Nice to meet you all.


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