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When you rack the slide on an Gas Blow Back pistol one BB is loaded into the chamber.

If you then remove the magazine the pistol will not fire as you have removed the propellant. The projectile however will still be in the chamber. In most cases racking the slide and shaking etc. will clear the pistol, but I have have a few models that need the projectile pushed out with a cleaning rod.

If you re-insert a magazine in that is loaded and charged with gas and re-cock the slide you'll chamber a second projectile possibly causing a jam in the barrel.

If you put the charged and loaded magazine in and don't cock the slide but pull the trigger and drop the hammer or release the striker you will fire the projectile in the chamber.

For AEGs BBs can also be held in the loading tube. A shake and a couple quick taps in semi will clear the chamber and also release the spring tension in the gearbox.

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Ok, newb question.

do a GBB(or an AEG) gun will eject the BB in the chamber if you pull the slide like on a real gun? like if I have a mag in the gun and it is loaded... and I want to unload it... I remove the mag, and then rock the slide to eject the BB in the chamber... Do that work like on a real gun?

also if it doesn't, and there is a BB in the chamber, and I pull the slide. What will happen? would the gun try to chamber a second BB in the chamber? could this damage the gun?

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ok so basically as soon as you release the mag, the gun is fully unloaded? cool thanks!
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The BB does not enter the Chamber like a real Gun. It stays in the magazine until fired. When pulling the cocking handle...nothing is ejected either.
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