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Originally Posted by StrikeFreedom View Post
ive always wanted a mp5 due to the swat feel. hows the range/grouping like due to its short barrel? i know its no sniper but is it inferior to guns like m4/ak? is it worth the trouble/$ to get extended barrel with silencer?
MP5's are fine.

Range is more dependent on hop-up and BB weight/quality than anything else, and with with a tightbore the grouping is fine. It's no SR-25, but an MP5 is an SMG, not a rifle.

As someone said, move up if you need to. Bring your target into the effective range of the gun.

Originally Posted by Ghilliesuit View Post
I have exactly that gun, and I think it's pretty good, it shoots at 250 fps with .12's. It uses AA batteries, but I don't think they make the gun worse than any other low end gun. It's a pretty good beginner's gun, I might be getting a sniper rifle to go with it soon.
Um.. no. That's not even a "beginning" gun. You can't even game with that. Please do not give stupid, inaccurate advice.

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