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the hassle??

Originally Posted by barda4 View Post

So I was wondering if someone can give me some idea of the prices of the retailers after you get age verified. I am 18, but I really don't wanna go through the hassle of getting varified. Or if someone could compare them to the prices of, because that is the only site that I can find that is based in Canada, with a decent selection, and I'm too sure about the prices of them, because I'm pretty sure they have a monopoly here, and are just jacking up the prices.
uh.. why do you think AV is a hassle?there wont be a heck of alot happening if you dont.and should anything negative develope,IE" an accident or some goofing around.. the news will get around eventually and smear everyones good standing as for the value that it has.thats why!
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